Why we?

Why we?

Because we are the same as you. Because we have experienced and experienced the same situations and stories as you do. We are people who have been in both professional and amateur sports environment. Among us there are trainers, players, masseurs, functionaries, just all positions concerning sport and related activities.

Because we've had dreams, just like you do now. Not only those who look for opportunities in professional sport, but also amateurs doing particular sport just for fun will be offered a chance to participate. Registering into our system is not the end, it’s the exact opposite. For each group there will be a specific offer of complex service and opportunities for education, possibility of acquiring an interesting business activity, offer for sports equipment, equipment for stadiums, insurance and many other interesting activities.

We wish to be at the moment, you achieve it! We want to see your joy, feel your emotions and help you create your sports dream. Every area,country and sport in it will have its own manager and patron, that will guarantee a quality service and personal cooperation. Every player, manager and trainer will have kept a synoptic up-to-date card. We will motivate each member to keep using our premium services for an annual fee even after getting a contract, enabling him to fully take advantage of all our discounts and services in cooperation with our partners. for instance sports equipment, insurance, supplements, media services, banking, education courses, mobile services, cars, training accessories etc.

There are players, coaches, officers, masseurs, football, ice hockey, basketball, floor ball players, simply everyone, who understands and can help. Each area, each sport has its own manager and patron, who will provide quality service.

We are ready to create, together with you, one great sport family and to step forth to your dream.

What do you get by registering on JOB in SPORT

  • opportunity to connect the right people - We connect the world of players and coaching staff members, we help you to find people, you need for your career
  • opportunity to attend training camps
  • access to educational and interesting videos
  • training and educational program made for players, trainery, agents and coaching staff members.
  • access to advice on nutrition and sport equipement
Become a star and experience your sports dream! Register